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How To Install Subfloor

The following guide will teach you how to install subfloor

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How to install Subfloor one
1. How to install Subfloor:
Check Floor For Imperfections

How to install Subfloor two
2. How to install Subfloor:
Align Subflooring Tiles

How to install Subfloor three
3. How to install Subfloor:
Stagger Subflooring

How to install Subfloor four
4. How to install Subfloor:
Subflooring Staggered Install

Tools Required

  • Hammer and tapping block
  • Circular saw or jigsaw
  • Tape measure and carpenter pencil
  • Carpenter's square and pull bar
  • 1/2" Spacer Boards
  • OvrX recommended leveling kit


  1. Make sure concrete floor is clean for your basement renovations.

NOTE : OvrX Insulated Wall Panels are a perfect solution to use with the Insulated Subflooring Tiles. When used together, the wall panels and subflooring tiles create a system for protecting your home from air and water vapor infiltration, water flow from leaks and pipes, and extreme hot and cold temperature.


How to install Subfloor

  1. Step 1. After clearing floor space, check floor for imperfections. If there are imperfections greater than 1/4", we recommend that you use a self-leveling compound to fix them. Once this is done, lay down spacer boards in one corner, provide a minimum 1/2” expansion gap around perimeter of floor.

  2. Step 2. Align the first tile with the two tongue sides against the   spacer boards. Add additional panels in one direction until you cannot fit a panel in. Measure the remaining space and cut panel appropriately.

  3. Step 3. Stagger the Second row of OvrX so that the seams are off-set.

    Level your Floor as you go using our OvrX leveling pads. Just slide the pad under the portion of the tile that is raised to eliminate excessive sagging.

    If your floor has a slight slant the stiffness of OvrX flooring may eliminate the need for leveling. During your basement renovations test your floor as you go by walking on the tiles to find uneven spots that require leveling.


How to install Subfloor Carpet

When you install carpet, OvrX suggests:

  1. If it is a foam backed carpet, just lay it down and enjoy!

  2. If you are installing a carpet with tack strips,  we suggest that you put a TAPCON (cement screw) every 6 feet around the perimeter and then put 2 in the center of the room about 4 feet apart.

  3. For basement renovations, if you want to glue the carpet, you must install a 1/4" plywood underlay first.  Do not glue down carpet directly to the OvrX tiles.


Barricade™ Basement Subflooring Calculator

How Many Panels do I need?

Total square foot of your room divided by 4 then multiply 1.10 give you the recommended number of panels.

Total Square Footage: Total OvrX tiles:


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