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Basement Wall Panels By Barricade™
Basement Wall Panels
1.Wall Panels view of the
Barricade™ Modular Insulated Wall Panels

nominal dimensions
( R12 - 2' x 8' X 2.4375” )

BARRICADE™ basement wall panels are a product developed as a one step solution for insulating your basement or cottage. BARRICADE combines the insulating quality of XPS closed cell insulation Styrofoam TM, with the convenience and stability of Oriented Strand Board (OSB). Optional primed white wall panel will be available soon.

Contractors and DIYers (Do-it-yourself homeowners) love our basement wall panels because:

  • Replaces Stud Walls and bat insulation (which are susceptible to mould growth)
  • No more searching for studs, just nail or screw drywall directly to panels

A combination of rigid Styrofoam which is mechanically bonded to OSB provides an insulation barrier that stops moisture in its tracks. This barrier effectively reduces the dew point eliminating moisture and dampness coming through your basement wall.


BARRICADE™ is based on 30 year tried and true-tested building science techniques. No more fumbling with large, full size panels.

BARRICADE™ basement wall panels are:

  • A barrier to the elements by blocking unwanted air and wind-driven water infiltration, since it is a code- approved Type I vapor barrier
  • A barrier to temperature extremes providing code-approved closed cell insulation
  • A barrier to excessive noise from outside the home

The BARRICADE™ basement wall panels and subfloor system can be installed as a system or can be installed separately. Together you get the greatest benefit as a barrier that protects your living space and furnishings against:

  • Air and water vapor infiltration
  • Water flow from foundation leaks, sump pump failures and burst pipes
  • Extreme hot and cold temperature transfer through walls and floors

Mildew, mold and damage caused by moisture or water can be disastrous to your finished basement and what you put in it. Remember to specify BARRICADE™ for your basement wall panels because they save, protect and preserve your home.

Download the Barricade Insulated Wall Panels brochure today!


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