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BARRICADE™ Basement Systems


BARRICADE™ basement systems is the powerful combination of the BARRICADE™ insulated wall panel and BARRICADE™ subfloor system. Working in conjunction, the two systems provide powerful prevention against water and weather damage while creating a more comfortable living space. The BARRICADE™ basement system exceeds the requirements of local building codes incorporating closed cell polystyrene (XPS) insulation.

Rest assured that with BARRICADE™ you get full floor to ceiling R12 insulation on basement foundation walls and R3.2 insulation on the basement concrete floor to provide a barrier to air and water infiltration, running water from foundation leaks, sump pump failures and burst pipes, hot and cold temperature conduction and excessive noise.

Installing the BARRICADE™ basement system will ensure that you enjoy warm, dry and comfortable downstairs living. The basement system is specifically designed to cover masonry and concrete floors with the warmth and protection from XPS, available exclusively from OvrX on both the subfloor and wall panels. This is what really sets the BARRICADE™ basement system apart from comparable basement system products.

Remember to specify BARRICADE™ for your basement system project because it saves, protects and preserves your home.


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