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Barricade Plus High-Load Insulated Subfloor Tiles

With a minimum compressive strength of 60 psi, Barricade Plus modular subfloor tiles are made from extruded polystrene insulation (XPS). Barricade Plus is designed for high-load applications where long-term strength and thermal performance are required.


  • Exclusive Patent Pending Moisture Management Channel Design with air gap water flow technology enables seasonal basement foundation leaks and occasional water to drain away quickly and eventually dry up harmlessly.
  • Designed as an insulating underlayment subflor for all floors. See reverse side for detailed installation instructions for finished floors.
  • R5 thermal rating warms concrete by 7C (12F) CAN / ULC-S701-01, ASTM C518
  • Hydrophobic closed cell extruded polystrene (XPS) insulation is the best protection against water damage to your finished floors
  • To safeguard family health, XPS insulation is 100% wood-free and non-organic, which does not support mold growth, and is also non-VOC emiting, which helps maintain healthy indoor air quality
  • Cuts with a utility knife and snaps off just like drywall for a convenient cutting and fast cleanp. No power tools required.
  • XPS insulation is a building code approved semi-permeable vapor barrier which blocks water but allows water vapor to harmlessly dissipate.
  • 2-ft x 2-ft x1-in tiles have a tongue and groove edge that can be assembled by hand for fast installation.
  • Weighing onl 0.4kg (0.9 lb) the tiles are easy and safe to carry, handle and install.
  • Supports Energy Star and LEED objectives for environmental performance objectives for residential applications.

Download our Barricade Plus Subfloor consumer literature today!

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